April is a single mother of a child with a rare autoimmune condition, and a pagan. She loves knitting, Netflix, and her Bullet Journal. This blog will be a way to let off steam and de-stress. Life ain't easy and we all need an outlet. 

Just A Little Less

For ages I’ve tried to make sense of my life. To understand the choices I’ve made. No luck. Reviewing every choice leads me to self-doubt. This is not the time for doubt. Changes need to be made and kept. That, of course, is the hard part.

I’m striving to live a minimalist lifestyle; my version of minimalism just to be clear. The inspiration came from theminimalists.com. It’s a great resource is if you are thinking of simplifying your life and don’t know how to begin.

I started by clearing my closet of all the clothing I had not used in a while. The closet is now pretty empty. Then, I started to follow Project 333. 33 pieces of clothing for a season or 4 months (depending on when you start). To help me with outfit choices I downloaded the Stylebook app. You take photographs of every piece of clothing and it shuffles outfits for you. Makes getting ready for work a breeze.

All of this came from the transition from Winter to Spring. I felt the need to get rid of anything that wasn’t useful to me. My “stuff” was everywhere and the feeling was that of being smothered. What I needed was more room; more space to be precise. Open, airy, space.

My ultimate goal is to have as little personal belongings in view as possible. I want to create a calm space for sleep, mediation, and yoga. Every weekend I clear out a little bit more towards my perfect space.

Slow and steady wins the race.

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