April is a single mother of a child with a rare autoimmune condition, and a pagan. She loves knitting, Netflix, and her Bullet Journal. This blog will be a way to let off steam and de-stress. Life ain't easy and we all need an outlet. 


Last month if you were listening to NPR you would have heard some promotions meant to get you to share your favorite podcasts with the world. Me being me, I am just getting around to it. So, here I am with my list of must-listen-to podcasts. Yes, I do listen to all of these regularly. Enjoy!

  1. NPR Politics Podcast-Clear, no-nonsense, fact driven informationon what is happening in our crazy soap opera of a government.
  2. Down at the Crossroads-One of two Pagan shows I listen to frequently. Excellent interviews and music. 
  3. New World Witchery-The second of my Pagan shows. Amiable hosts offer a wealth of information for the modern American Witch.
  4. How Did This Get Made?-Listen to the prequel cast. Watch the film. Take Notes. Listen to the podcast episode and laugh yourself silly.
  5. Ask Me Another-One day I will get out to the Bell House in Brooklyn to watch this live, but for now I will be content with listening from New Jersey.
  6. Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me-Topical comedy game show. Not the best description, but it is so many things I cannot find the right words.
  7. The New Yorker: Poetry-Poets, interviews, and readings. They read their own works and one of another poet they admire. 
  8. In Our Time-A history lesson with experts who participate in lively debate.
  9. The Minimalists-These guys make my journey to a life with less so much easier. 
  10. The Joe Rogan Experience-Hunting, Jujitsu, comedy as an art form, and legal weed. The episodes are lengthy but always full of great information. 
  11. Criminal-Each episode is like short story. A brief look into people's lives during trying times.
  12. Radio Lab-Ever wanted to learn where HIV really started? Or, if trees can communicate with each other? This is the place.
  13. Rachel Maddow Show-This is basically the audio of her nightly show.
  14. Sooo Many White Guys-Wonderful, real, conversations with women you need to know. Oh, and one token white guy interview a season.
  15. 2 Dope Queens-Comedy for the now. I laugh so much when i listen at work people ask me if I'm alright.
  16. Edumacation-Cocktail party science and so much more.
  17. Hollywood Babble-On-Hollywood gossip, movie news, and Liam Neeson's penis. It's all good. 

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